A Day at the Market with Savvi Bags

SAVVI Reusable Shopping Bags. Versatile, Attractive and Good for the Planet!

Say no to plastic bags! 4RPlanet Products makes it’s easy to be earth friendly with our full line of reusable shopping bags. From Savvi produce pacs, to the multi-purpose Savvi Tote-All, These versatile and attractive bags are designed to be used over and over again! You’ll feel great knowing you’re someone who’s making a difference for our planet! Go ahead, make a difference today!

4R PLANET Products

The Savvi Tote-All can be attached to your shopping cart for ease of packing.  With several compartments to keep things secure and organized this versatile tote is not only great for shopping but, for picnics, camping, day outings and trips to the beach.

Savvi Sacs are a collection of 5 reusable and colorful sacs on a mission to eliminate the number of plastic bags that end up in landfills each year.  

Savvi Caddi  has 6 compartments and can conveniently hold and store an assortment of bottles, magazines, hair products, craft supplies and shoes to name a few. 

Savvi Produce Pacs include 5 multi-use mesh bags.  Perfect for produce, lingerie, toys and more.

Savvi Sacs and Pacs include 4 reusable Savvi sacs and 2 produce pacs to help you keep everything organized!

What people say about our bags...

"Thank you, thank you --we use our Savvi products ALL the time - they make great gifts for all occasions."  Tamara

I just wanted to tell you that last week I took my “shoe bag” (savvi caddie) when I visited my sisters.  I usually have shoes tucked everywhere, or falling out of my larger bag, but the shoe bag kept me all together!  I just want to thank you again!" Julie

"I have the sacks, tote and caddi. I have had them for 8 years now and they are all very durable and in amazing shape. I wash mine regularly. I find them all very multi use and love the caddi. I use it for grocery shopping, picnics and road trips and I love that it folds up small!" Michelle

"These bags are gorgeous compared to other reusable shopping bags, and very sturdy too. I get compliments every time I use them!" Dani

"On a recent road trip we used the Caddi to carry my shoes, shampoo and a bottle of wine - so handy when checking in to the hotel and then back to the car. I carry a Savi sac in my purse and use it every shopping trip. It folds up nicely and looks great when filled. I have had many compliments on the 'sac" by the store clerks!" Verla