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What people are saying about our bags...

"Thank you, thank you --we use our Savvi products ALL the time - they make great gifts for all occasions."  Tamara

Last week I took my “shoe bag” (savvi caddie) when I visited my sisters.  I usually have shoes tucked everywhere, but the shoe bag kept me all together!  Thank you again!" Julie

"I have the sacks, tote and caddi. I have had them for 8 years now and  love the caddi. I use it for grocery shopping, picnics and road trips and I love that it folds up small!" Michelle

"These bags are gorgeous compared to other reusable shopping bags, and very sturdy too. I get compliments every time I use them!" Dani

"On a recent road trip we used the Caddi to carry my shoes, shampoo and a bottle of wine - so handy when checking in to the hotel! Verla