4R Planet Products

You want to do your part to protect our environment. We're here to help!  With an attractive line of premium shopping accessories that are durable, stylish, versatile and affordable. 

Our Savvi Caddi  has 6 compartments and can conveniently hold and store an assortment of bottles, magazines, hair products, craft supplies and shoes to name a few. 

Savvi Produce Pacs include 4 multi-use mesh bags.  Perfect for produce, lingerie, toys and more.

Savvi Sacs are a collection of 5 reusable and colorful sacs on a mission to eliminate the number of plastic bags that end up in landfills each year.  

The Savvi Tote-All can be attached to your shopping cart for ease of packing.  With several compartments to keep things secure and organized this versatile tote is not only great for shopping but, for picnics, camping, day outings and trips to the beach.

Savvi Sacs and Pacs include 4 reusable Savvi sacs and 2 produce pacs to help you keep everything organized!