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4R Planet Boutique Cafe Savvi Shop Green Tote-all

4R Planet Products is honoured to have been featured by Boutique Cafe as one of their must have items! We couldn't have said it better ourselves.  Check it out: @4rplanet RT @BoutiqueCafe

Stick around and I’ll convert you to using the coolest “green living” shopping and grocery bags I’ve ever seen! Here’s the truth, I have a big family (7 of us) and my weekdays are spent with many hours in the grocery store buying food for our crew. Each time I get to the checkout line I almost shutter, did I bring along my cloth shopping bags? Will I have to use their plastic ones to get all this stuff home? I’m not sure about your stores, but here where I live the grocery stores are stocking plastic bags that are way too thin, they rip with barely anything in them. It’s frustrating. Then there are the stores that charge you for individual bags, I honestly detest this practice. It makes me not want to shop in their stores. I like the idea of the traditional “green” bags, but their configurations don’t work for my shopping life and so I rarely remember to bring them along. Then 4R Planet sent me a full set of their product line and suddenly I’m converted to a new and savvi shopping experience.

The great looking and functional solution to my grocery shopping needs is from a Canadian company called 4R Planet. Now really, how excited can a girl get about grocery bags? Well I’m a real believer now, as I’ve been using the 4R Planet bags for several months. They are not only a great environmental choice, but they are actually cute and stylish. I have a hard time forgetting THESE at home!

In the product line up 4R Planet has several SAVVI bags including:
The Beverage Bag $7.99
The SAVVI Produce Pac $9.99
SAVVI Sac $16.99 (replaces 2 plastic shopping bags! and comes in cute colors)
SAVVI Sacs & Pacs $19.99
SAVVI Set $49.99
and the Utterly Amazing SAVVI Tote-All for $24.99 (The handles actually Clip onto your cart so you can load it as you shop. This is a MUST SEE!! Look at the pic on the right >>)

You need not use these Savvi bags only for groceries, they have tremendous functionality. For instance the Beverage could hold six bottles, six magazines, 3 pair of shoes, hair care products, sippy cups, action-figures, craft items and more. 

Each bag is:

Has Reinforced Seams
and don’t forget lovely to look at

I’m so thrilled with this company and products. The service is impeccable, their products are well made and are constantly working as you use them to improve our environment. I highly recommend checking them out – try them and let me know what you think! – Daria

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