4R Planet Fundraising gift Savvi Shop Green wrap

We’re heading full steam towards the Holidays! Since we believe in making everything a little “greener”, why not make the container part of the holiday gift?

One of our customers shared an awesome suggestion:  “We purchased a SAVVI Caddi for Grandma. Then my daughter and I filled each compartment with something Grandma likes! We gave her a puzzle magazine, nice lotion, a ball of yarn, an extra case for her glasses, some artwork for the fridge, and a bottle of sparkling apple juice.  She loved it! And the best part is she can re-use her Savvi Caddi for shopping.”

Check out how great 4R Planet Products savvi sacs look as gift wrap! This is also a great way to add to your gift. We’d love to hear YOUR ideas… how have you used a 4R Planet product for gift giving?  

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