Compost your Pumpkin or Eat it!

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Now that Halloween is over; what can you do with your pumpkin(s) that is friendly to our environment?

If you have un-carved pumpkins, remove the insides and make Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin muffins and oven roast the seeds with salt or seasoning for a really nummy treat!

If your pumpkin has been carved:
- Remove the candle.
- Cut up the pumpkin in to smaller pieces or mash it up
- Put it on your compost pile
- Cover it with dry leaves and loose soil

Then let nature work!

Another great idea is giving your pumpkin to a local hobby farmer who will use it for feeding their animals!
Perhaps they will return the favor in the spring by giving you some nutrient rich compost!

Throwing your pumpkin away helps no one and you lose a valuable composting opportunity!

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