Fall Composting Tips!

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Fall is a wonderful and colourful time of year! Nature is providing even more abundance for us as we harvest our gardens and crops!

Fall is also an important time to energize your compost so you can have good dense and healthy soil to add to your garden before planting in the spring!
4R Planet offers the following tips on preparing your compost for the winter…

 1) Leaves, leaves, leaves!                          
Composting with leaves is easy and quick. Leaves that have turned brown and fallen to the ground have lost most of their nitrogen and should be mixed with high nitrogen materials like fresh manure, grass clippings, or food scraps to make a balanced compost. Shredding the leaves with a lawnmower will accelerate their decomposition.

2) Coffee anyone?
Do not throw them away! Compost and earth worms love coffee grounds. Go ahead and add them to your compost!

3) Mixing “turbo charges” compost processing time!       
         The microbes responsible for breaking down your compost pile need a balanced diet of nitrogen and carbon. Nitrogen comes from green materials such as food scraps, manure and grass clippings. Carbon comes from brown materials such as dead leaves, hay, wood chips and shredded newspaper. A ratio that contains equal portions by weight of both works best.

Most of all; breath that fresh autumn air and enjoy the fruits of your labor while helping our planet health! 😊

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