Where are 4R Planet Shopping Bags Made?

We had a recent enquiring asking us where are shopping bags are made. As we do get this question from time to time, we wanted to share a portion of our reply with you. And if you're interested, after that we'll also include some of the back story on how are bags came to be!

"As indicated on the tag of each bag, our product is made in China.  As we searched for products for our small company it was soon apparent that neither Canada nor the USA does this kind of manufacturing.  We found that the choices were Mexico, India, and China.  After much research and receiving samples from various vendors we choose a company that could supply the quality product that we wished to sell. We wanted a product that would not soon become waste.  We have used these produce bags ourselves for many years and are still using the very same bags. We also receive many comments from satisfied customers.

Yes, China does not have the best reputation for environmentally friendly practices.  But then, neither does Canada, eg raw sewage into oceans and rivers.  Being well into my seventies now I realize that you personally do the best you can to live your values. And we commend everyone for trying to do the same. Sadly, as humans we are hard pressed not to leave an unfavorable footprint on Mother Earth. We hope you will get many years of use from what we feel are very well-constructed mesh produce bags."

Before we were selling our products online, we would sell them at tradeshows, markets, and fairs. That way we were able to personally speak to every person who purchased our bags to answer their questions and concerns directly. We feel everyone should have the choice to choose products that fit with their personal value systems. Our bags were designed for individuals who want a better quality reusable bag at a reasonably affordable price.

We also do our best to keep costs down. We store all our stock in our garage, (the car hasn't been in there in years!), we have no staff, and we inspect, press, and package every single item before we take it to the post office to mail it out. A family member helps us with our website and our marketing so we can make other conscientious Canadians aware of our products.

We love our country, but recognize that it isn't perfect. In fact Canadian manufacturers produce 90% of the plastic bags that we use! We would be happy to share links to any Canadian made produce or shopping bags. Of course, Etsy might also be a good choice for locally made bags, or bags made from repurposed products.



Thank you for doing your part!

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  • T on

    Your plastic tabs on your mesh bags should cover the knotted side as they prevent it from unknotting. Otherwise lose the plastic tab as it’s already reduntant being where it is and being plastic as the mesh bag is already a plastic item but reuseable and washable (haven’t tried). And might as well not pay that extra bit for unnecessary plastic. Unfortunately, they do snag the mesh material.

  • Susan White on

    Thanks for posting this to provide more information. I am one of the people who recently emailed to ask where your bags are made because someone on your Facebook page said they are made in Canada. I ordered your trial set of produce bags and we are very happy with them. I’ll be ordering more soon so that we never use another plastic bag for produce again. Thank you!

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