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Our youth was spent in the rolling foothills of Alberta, Canada. Crocuses signalled spring, buffalo beans that summer was almost here, and tiger lilies that fall was approaching. Wildflowers were our designer bouquets and they sprang from the earth with only the encouragement of sun, rain and soil. Our world was small and it seemed we were far removed from other countries and continents.  The air was always fresh, the sky was blue and the seasons passed as they always had.
When we grew up, work took us to the far corners of the world.  We discovered that destinations and distances that had seemed so great were now just hours away. We discovered that our lifestyle choices had an affect on not only our immediate family and community but on the greater world community.
We witnessed first hand once healthy beaches that were now littered with man-made, slow to breakdown, debris. We lived from the era of paper bags to plastic bags. We lived from an era of necessity to one of excess.
We started to see things change, and not always for the better. The earth began to struggle to maintain the healthy environment we had taken for granted. What kind of a world were we passing on to our children and grandchildren?
It was time to reflect on our choices and make some adjustments. How we chose to care for our garden, heat our home, light our rooms, feed ourselves and shop all needed to be addressed.
There was much learning required, decisions to be made and experiences to be had.  We found by practising Square Foot Gardening we had delicious fresh food and reduced our water consumption. Our clippings now become compost to nourish the soil. We were so satisfied with our results that we became Certified Instructors for the  Square Foot Gardening Foundation.
A high-efficiency furnace and heat pump addressed our heating needs and reduced the fuel that we require. Bamboo shades help keep our home cooler in summer and energy efficient windows preserve both heat and cool. We no longer warm our vehicle up on cold winter days, we just dress warmer.  
We attended lectures at our local college and learned of climate change and the effect of our choices on nature.
What could we do to make a difference for not only our family but for the larger community, country and world? 4R Planet became a means that we could further our influence in preserving our environment.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replenish began to guide our choices.
Our product line of shopping accessories helps to both reduce and reuse. Not only are they a wise environmental choice, they also meet the need for convenience and style. We proudly support 1% for the Planet where a minimum of 1% of our sales will go to projects that replenish the earth. We encourage you to join us in recycling not only plastics, papers and bottles but to also recycle books, clothing and building supplies.

Together we can make a choice to change and improve. We have only one earth, help us care for it with knowledge and responsibility.

Myrna and Glenn                       

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