Crocheted Cotton Swiffer Cover - Set of Two
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Crocheted Cotton Swiffer Cover - Set of Two

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Individually designed and hand made in Canada by "Mallory" with “mill end” yarn that is spun in Canada from 100% American cotton.

These cleaning wonders are reusable for both dry and wet mopping of hard surfaces; which helps REDUCE single use waste in our landfills!
The unique stitching pattern enhances the capture and retention of dust and soil!

Machine washable and dryable; however use a low temp setting as they are made of 100% cotton!

The “mill end” yarn utilized in our Swiffer style covers is a great way to use what the mill considers to be “not a commercially viable product” in a genuinely ECO-FRIENDLY and REUSABLE way! It’s a WIN! WIN! WIN! 

*Fits! 10”L X 4.5”W Swiffer style Mop Head

Set of Two

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